Effortless ordering.

With EzriRx’s revolutionary system, ordering pharmaceuticals has never been so quick and easy.

Welcome to EzriRx

Welcome to EzriRx

EzriRx brings everything pharmacies need to purchase drugs into one place. With a large network of competing wholesalers and over 170,000 NDCs to choose from, a membership with EzriRx guarantees the lowest prices on pharmaceuticals.

Compare & Buy
01 Compare & buy

Compare & buy

By typing into the EzriRx search tool just an NDC, drug name, and pack size, pharmacies will immediately receive a listing of numerous wholesalers and their prices. Comparison of prices is incredibly easy as you scroll through your wholesaler options to locate the cheapest price. Find, compare, and purchase. It’s as simple as that with EzriRx.

Credit Payment System
02 Credit Payment System

Credit payment system

EzriRx allows pharmacies to find drugs and purchase them all on one site. While other online pharmaceutical ordering companies facilitate payments offline, all aspects of payment via EzriRx happen online. With EzriRx, there are no physical checks, no snail mail, and no faxing.
Additionally, EzriRx offers a credit payment system that allows pharmacies to receive credit from wholesalers and use that credit to make purchases.

Order Tracking
03 Order Tracking

Order tracking

All orders made via EzriRx include tracking so that pharmacies know when an order has been shipped and when to expect the shipment’s arrival.

Pedigree Request
04 Pedigree Request

Pedigree request

All suppliers on EzriRx are EDI Pedigree-compliant and can supply T3 documents upon request for any order made via EzriRx.

How it Works?

How it works

With EzriRx’s state-of-the-art technology, ordering pharmaceuticals takes a fraction of the time it used to. By ridding of the need for paperwork and phone calls, EzriRx has revolutionized your ordering system. With just a few clicks and a quick payment, your pharmaceuticals are on their way to your pharmacy door.

Submitting an Order Request
01 Submitting an Order Request

Submitting an order

EzriRx allows you to search and submit your orders in less than a minute.

  • Add Personal Info

    Add personal info

    EzriRx’s auto-fill feature asks only once for your pharmacy’s data, then saves it for future use. We also provide the ability to easily edit your information at any time.

  • Payment Method Selection

    Payment method selection

    As the only online pharmaceutical ordering company that facilities all aspects of payment online, EzriRx makes ordering drugs even easier. You have the option of 2 different safe and secure methods for payment:
      - Direct payment - pay using your credit card or bank account
      - Credit payment - pay using credit given to you by wholesalers

  • Process Order

    Process order

    Click on the Process Order button to complete the order. You will then be directed to the Orders page where you can review your purchases.

Manage Your Orders
02 Manage Your Orders

Manage your orders

EzriRx’s order management system is simple and user-friendly to ensure that you are able to keep track of your orders without wasting time.

  • Sort Orders

    Sort orders

    Current orders can be viewed on the Open Orders tab where you have the ability to sort your orders by supplier name or order date.

  • Cancel or Replace Orders

    Cancel or replace orders

    You can cancel or change your order at any time by contacting the wholesaler prior to shipping. Wholesaler information can be found on the Orders page.

  • Favorite Orders

    Favorite orders

    Do you have drugs that you order regularly and don’t want to search every time? EzriRx has a Favorite Orders feature that allows you to save recurring orders and re-order easily, saving you even more time.

Order Delivery
03 Order Delivery

Order delivery

Shipment is quick and easy to follow with EzriRx’s tracking feature.

  • Tracking Your Order

    Tracking your order

    You can see the moment your order was shipped and when to expect its arrival.

  • Packing Slip Request

    Packing slip request

    With one click you can request your packing slip with detailed information about your package’s contents.

  • Recurring Order

    Recurring order

    Want to order more of the same? EzrRx’s recurring orders feature allows you to get the same items from the same wholesaler with great ease. Simply add the saved order onto your other purchases, and check out.

Billing Made Easy!

Billing made easy!

With EzriRx, billing is no longer a daunting task. We’ve rid of the need for paperwork and have transferred all the information you need into one easily-accessible place. Time is money and EzriRx is here to give back the time and money you’ve wasted on ordering systems of the past!

On-site Payment
01 On-site Payment

On-site payment

Going one step further, our system allows you to not only find your pharmaceuticals and order them, but also pay for them -- all on the EzriRx website.

  • Choose Your Payment Method

    Choose your payment method

    We have two payment methods available, giving you the ability to choose what works best for you:
      - Direct payment - pay using your credit card or bank account
      - Credit payment - pay using credit given to you by wholesalers

  • Manage credit

    Manage credit

    With the option to utilize wholesaler credit, EzriRx allows you to manage varying levels of credit from multiple wholesalers, all in one place.

Direct Payment
02 Direct Payment

Direct payment

Our safe and secure direct payment system lets you pay for your orders with just one click.

  • Register Your Bank Account

    Register your bank account

    Registering your bank account with EzriRx allows for extremely quick and simple payments via ACH. Equally as efficient and a preference for some, you can enter your credit card information and pay that way. Your bank and card information is stored securely on the EzriRx website and will be available with each purchase, so you won’t need to re-enter with every order.

  • Choose Your Payment Method

    Choose your payment method

    With the option of both credit card and ACH, choose whichever method you prefer at checkout and your stored information will be applied to the payment instantly.

Invoice Management
03 Invoice Management

Invoice management

Say goodbye to learning multiple complex invoicing systems. With EzriRx, you will use one invoice system that is clear to read and easy to use. There are 3 different sections in the EzriRx system:

  • Outstanding Invoice

    Outstanding invoice

    Never worry about overdue invoices again. EzriRx’s system shows you which invoices are nearing their due date. You have the option to immediately pay the nearly-due invoice, or to set it up for automatic payment.

  • Open Invoice

    Open invoice

    This section houses all of your unpaid invoices.

  • History


    Your history will show all previously paid invoices in an organized fashion for easy tracking purposes.