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One-click purchasing on over 170,000 NDCs from multiple wholesalers nationwide. Browse, compare, and save an average of 30% on all drugs.

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Trusted by 1,000+ pharmacies nationwide.

Find & Compare

Find & compare

With over 170,000 NDCs at your fingertips, EzriRx’s search tool is the quickest in the industry and allows pharmacies to search hundreds of thousands of drugs and compare pricing from multiple vendors in just a few minutes. Using EzriRx ensures that pharmacies get the best price possible for generic drugs with the greatest ease.

Easy to Use

Easy to use

EzriRx was developed around the specific needs of pharmacies. We know your time is valuable, so we have provided easy navigation and seamless purchasing to allow you to focus your time on other things. No more pesky phone calls, no more messy paperwork. All the information pharmacies need to order and pay for drugs is in one place with easy-to-use EzriRx.

Free for life

Free for life

EzriRx is 100% free and always will be. No membership fees, no hidden costs. Our service is risk-free and EzriRx guarantees that your information is safe with us.

Online marketplace platform
Online marketplace platform

Online marketplace platform

Bringing state-of-the-art technology to pharmacies’ drug purchasing system, EzriRx connects pharmacies with vendors all over the country. With EzriRx you can search for the drugs you need, find the best price, and make the purchase in a matter of minutes. EzriRx’s network of over 170,000 NDCs and extensive web of vendors finds the best prices for drugs with the quickest and most user-friendly system in the industry.

Network Reach
Network Reach

Network reach

With each NDC pharmacies search, EzriRx enables you to see prices from every wholesaler in the country licensed in your state. This allows you to compare prices with numerous wholesalers and shop for the best deals. EzriRx will always provide you with the lowest price options at the quickest pace.


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