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Our pharmacy marketplace is the new standard in pharmacy purchasing

The most forward-thinking pharmacies use EzriRx to purchase millions of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals monthly with incredible savings - all in an advanced yet easy-to-use platform.

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Trusted by 3,000+ Independent, Chain and Long Term Care Pharmacies.

As a collective of pharmacies, we force wholesalers to compete against each other.

Pharmacies compare pricing on our Platform

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EzriRx allows pharmacies to compare pricing on over 50,000+ NDC's from over 20 wholesalers nationwide.

Easy to use Pharmacy Platform

Easy to use

EzriRx is the easiest way to purchase Rx products. It takes under two minutes to complete the sign up process and get started.

Our Pharmacy Portal is free for life

Free for Pharmacies

Since our fee comes from the wholesalers, EzriRx will always be 100% free for pharmacies!

What is EzriRx?

EzriRx builds the most powerful and flexible tools for pharmaceutical purchasing. Whether you’re an independent, chain, or long-term care pharmacy, EzriRx’s meticulously-designed platform allows pharmacies to compare pricing on over 50,000+ Rx, and OTC products from over 20 wholesalers licensed in your state.

By joining a collective of customers, pharmacies can save on negative reimbursements and ultimately increase their bottom line.

But we didn’t stop there. We created online invoice management to track your balances with each supplier, multiple payment options to simplify paying invoices, and a slew of features to enhance a pharmacies everyday performance.

It’s one platform, with many wholesalers, and amazing savings!

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EzriRx uses modern e-signature technology to allow you to provide a single digital signature that we re-use to automatically pre-fill each wholesaler’s customer application, saving you from spending a considerable amount of time filling out and signing forms.

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Add Payment Methods

Add credit cards and bank accounts (ACH) on the payment settings page. You’ll pay for orders directly on EzriRx safely and securely using your preferred payment method.

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